Junior Does

Junior does are any female kid from newborn to first freshening or age of 2, whichever comes first.

Our Young Ladies

We Test Annually

We disease test annually for CAE, CL, and Johnes through WADDL.

Our latest test for newly acquired animals was in May 2017 and negative.

Senior Does

Our Seniors are any doe that has freshened at least once, whether currently in milk or not.

Our Older Girls

Finished Champions

We have been blessed to have some of the best Nigerian genetics in the country, and hope we honor those breeders with our future breeding decisions.

Our Retired Dames


Our "Big Stinkys" hold a special place in our hearts for their sweet disposition and demeanor.

Meet Our Boys

What's Available?

We are updating our available animals for sale!

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Why We Do It...

Our dairy herd is first and foremost, a part of our daily family life. We chose to have fun with them, in addition to working hard with them. While we milk every day and show year-round across the country, we also take time to enjoy each goat's individual personality.